Proof of Stake Pools FAQ

LAST UPDATE: April 6, 2018

1. How do I?

Easy, just do it.

2. How many stakes will my coins earn and how much Bitcoin will I earn staking my coins?

You should be getting the current staking rate for each coin, and a bonus in bitcoin between 4-5% of your stakes earned each day will be added. The amount of bitcoin you earn each day will fluctuate based on the market price of the coin you are staking, so the percentage will vary. But, it should be between 4-5% of the stakes you earned for that day. Your stats will be updated every 24 hours, so the amount of BTC you receive will rise as the price of your coin rises. This concept will force the price of your coin up, as more people buy your coin to stake rather than selling to profit or exit. It will create more buyers and fewer sellers.

3. How does staking with this pool website work?

This concept is similar to how a masternode works, but instead of buying a masternode. You still have control over your coins and can earn revenue while you stake without having to sell your coins, allowing your stack of coins to grow earning you more bitcoins as each day passes.

4. How are you able to provide a bonus?

Because, smaller wallet sizes dont realize the same staking rate as larger wallets do. The larger your wallet in conjunction with merging blocks produces a higher staking rate than simply leaving coins in your wallet to stake by itself. Thereore, we obtain a higher staking rate which allows up to provide a bonus, thus encouraging more stakers to stake with us.

5. When can I withdraw my coins and Bitcoin bonuses?

Withdrawals will be performed on Midnight(-5 GMT) Sunday once a week. You must place your request for withdrawal on or before Midnight(-5 GMT) Thursday prior to that Sunday's processing.

6. Do I earn Bitcoin on any coins that I stake?

No, check the information on our site about the coin you want to stake, it will list the bonus coin or token.

7. Is there a chat or message board for this website?

Yes, the chat room is here on Discord: , and the message board is here on Bitcointalk: .

8. What is the process to have a coin added to the list of staking coins?

We will no longer be adding coins to the staking pool website for free. We will be adding one new coin the the pool every month for the next 48 months. Applications must meet certain guidelines and have community support.

Guidlines for Adding a New Coin: 1.) The staking rate should be no higher than 100% per year. 2.) Coin must be listed on at least 2 exchanges for trading. 3.) Coin must have a current Website, Bitcointalk and Discord server. 4.) Coin must have an up to date github. 5.) There must be community support for listing on Proof of Stake Pools website. Once a coin has applied and has been accepted for addition to the website, a processing fee of 0.25 btc will be required to finalize the process. We will only add one new coin per month. The order in which coins are selected and added will be determined by the order in which they were submitted and the processing fee had been transmitted.

To have your coin approved and added to the list, email us at

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